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Posts tagged with creativity

  1. Creative Currency

    26 Aug 2018

    “Cause it’s a, lot of bull$h*t floodin’ the sceneWhere everybody’s a star, and hot $h*t is few and far betweenWe lose the grip of what, garbage mean” - Black Thought (Star/Pointro, The Tipping Point - 2004) Two Sides of Capitalism: Bad. Shepard Fairey. 2007. 16’ x 10’ Mixed media on…

  2. Here’s an Idea: A Podcast

    06 May 2018

    So my wife and I had been kicking this idea of doing a podcast around for a while and we finally pulled the trigger and put out our first episode. Subscribe to it on iTunes and rate it, and follow along on Instagram and Facebook to be a part of…

  3. 5 Uncomfortable Tips to Becoming a Successful Artist

    20 Nov 2017

    Earlier in 2017, I was selected as a Professional Fellowship winner in painting by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Ever since, I have had people ask me what I did to win. Some were asking specifics on how I categorize my work. I noticed that others were asking in…

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